• FineCaddie laser golf rangefinder
    When Pinfinder is activated, vibrations alert the user:
    One vibration on normal measurement & Two vibrations on Pinfinder.
  • Easy!Fast!Accurate!
    With one button, you can measure distance and slope Convenient mode switch helps you check distance in any geography features or course.

  • Swing with Confidence!
    Pin finder gives vibrations when the rangefinder picks up the flag
  • SLOPE MODE SUPPORT: Actual Attack Distance
    With slope mode activated, the angle of attack is factored into the final measurement.
    The approximate distance is rounded for you. FineCaddie provides both strategic options.

    Slope Mode provides a secondary approximation of distance required based on objective information provided.

    Special Features can be turned ON/OFF at any time
    Although slope mode may be allowed in certain tournaments, FineCaddie provides users the ability to enable/disable this feature depending on rules & regulations.
  • Slope Mode ON/OFF
    Non Slope Mode with red LED for golf tournament
  • Always clear! 6X Optical Magnification
    The FineCaddie comes fully-equipped with a wide-angle lens that is coated with a multi-layer anti-reflective film for increased visibility, while providing the user with 6 times the normal magnification for a brighter & clearer view

    always makes for a more accurate shot
    FineCaddie Laser Rangefinder is a powerful professional tool used to enhance the experience of the game, both for players of old, and new.
    Every decision we make is for the joy of our users.
    Quick & Easy to switch between US Units & Metric System
    1. Select meters or yards
    2. Aim & set desired distance
    3. Press & hold to convert units
    FineCaddie Rangefinder is accurate up to 1,000 meters
    Distance measurement from 3.3 yards up to 1093 yards is possible! (3m-1000m)
    FineCaddie has a weather-resistant housing that keeps the device dry and protected from water droplets, rain, humidity, and condensation.
  • * Disclaimer: No guarantees are provided for high water pressure exposures including but not limited to: The ocean, underwater use, washing machines, bathtubs, toilets, pools, ponds, lakes, saltwater etc.
    Charging your FineCaddie while on-the-move just got simpler:
    The USB Type-C port provides fast charging, while reducing equipment load so you can focus on your swing! One cable for all your electronic needs.
  • Measure 30,000 times on a Single Charge

    Measure as much as you want without worrying about battery drain during the course.

  • * You can measure up to 30,000 times with optimal battery life(charge/discharge 500 times) based on low-power HW design.
    · Compact : easy for single-handed grip
    · Durable housing for resilient portability
    · Lower Soft-Curve support gives user a steadier grip for increased accuracy
    · Premium leather detailing provides a refined sense of taste and comfort.
  • Portable Mini Size
    Velcro pouch is included 80 x 40 x 125mm(L x W x H)
  • Full Package
    UPL100, pouch, lens cleaner, c-type charging cable and manual
    The contents in the package are subject to change without prior notice
  • ※ For inquiries about missing components, please contact the place of purchase.
    ※ Our customer center does not accept inquiries about missing components.
    Model name FineCaddie UPL100  
    Size/Weight 105 x 38 x 66.4 mm / 161g  
    Measuring range 3-1,000 Meters / 3-1,093 Yards ±(1.0m+Dx0.2%)
    Measuring unit m(Meter), Y(Yard)  
    Measuring speed Less than 0.5 sec  
    Magnification 6X ±5%
    Viewing angle 7.0° ±5%
    Objective lens diameter 19 mm  
    Eyepiece diameter 15 mm  
    Diopter adjustment range ±6 dpt  
    Laser level Class 1 IEC60825-1
    Laser wavelength 905 nm  
    Power supply 3.7V / 730mAh Li-ion
    Battery life Charging / discharging 500 times Maximum charging time about 3 hrs
    Battery operation time Up to 30,000 measurements (Power on/off standard)
    6,500 measurements (based on actual field usage)
    Full charge
    Waterproof Waterproof  
    Operation temperature -10℃~50℃ / 14℉~122℉  
    Height measurement Support  
    Pin Finder Support  
    USB Charging Terminal USB Type-C  
    Certification No. R-R-FDK-FinedriveA026
    Model name: UPL100
    Company name: Finedigital Inc.
    Name: Laser Golf Range Finder
    Manufacturer : Finedigital Inc.
    Manufacturing country: China
    Date of manufacture: Separately marked