• I have a Finedrive navigation. Can I change the language?

    Our Finedrive products provides Korean language only.

  • Rear camera is showing the reversed image on the monitor. How do I fix this?

    There is no setting to reverse. But you can see original image from pc, finevu player.

  • ADAS is not working correctly. How can I improve the ADAS accuracy?

    To enhance the accuracy of the ADAS function, you should adjust the horizon and bonnet location at [MENU-ADAS-ADAS setting]
    The following URL is the guide video to help you out with the setting.

  • Dash cam cannot receive GPS signal.

    Please check if the GPS antenna cable is plugged in properly. Please plug it in again.

  • I want to know more about the ‘format free’ feature. Do I need to format?

    It does not require format. 'Format Free' storage technology can extend memory card life with real-time file storage, unlike temporary storage.

  • Can the rear camera detect motion in parking mode, or only the front camera?

    Both front and rear detect impact or motion in parking mode.
    They automatically record for 20 seconds when they detect motion or collision. (5 seconds before / 15 seconds after)